About Me

„Every single brushstroke I perform is perfect in it’s imperfection. Imperfect as life itself. It emerges what must emerge when I unify these imperfections.“

Contorted naked bodies full of pain, unmasked and thrown into a sterile, white room.This could be the definition of human surrender; this is the art of german figurative painter Felix Dolah. By confronting the viewer with the human body, Dolah wants to remind of the plain, rough and though soft beauty of sexuality.

„I love the structure of skin, every kind of it. Race, age and sexual attitude does not matter to me.“

Dolah tells stories of human beings and their emotions; about their human condition. At first the viewer might find his paintings pessimistic, nihilistic and maybe even misanthropic. It seems that the picutres send out waves of negativity which are usually capable to touch viewers immediately and this is exactly what Dolah intends to do. He provokes an argument of pessimism. He wants to sensitize the viewers for the negative and give them the chance to deal with it. At once (simultaneously) he wants them to find out why this negative feeling emerges. More over he wants them to find out what is responsible for that. „Could it be society and its conventions what makes me feel negative about it?“ Dolah wants to challange the negative to survey it with an open mind and without hiding behind a wall. To overcome negativity with negativity – this is what Dolah is aiming for.

„There is just one way to understand the positive aspect of life: deal with the apparent negative ones. By doing so you will find positive aspects in the negative ones and vice versa“

With art Felix Dolah wants to reactivate a reflected and open mind for the world and everything in it. He wants to tear down borders, to dismount barriers and to shorten distances between human beings.